Beer TO GO

*Please have ID ready upon pick up. ID is required for all carry out alcoholic purchases (regardless of age). Must be 21 to enjoy. We scan all ID’s first and then prepare the drinks. Alcoholic beverages may not be handed to the driver or any passenger in the car; they will be placed directly in the back seat, trunk or cooler. All alcoholic beverages are safety sealed. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be consumed on property.

Beer & Cider Bottles (6-packs available)
• Budweiser 16oz Aluminum Bottle
• Bud Light 16oz Aluminum Bottle
• Coors Lite
• Corona
• Corona Premier
• Heineken

16oz Draft Beer TO GO
Ask what we have on tap!

• Heineken 0.0
• Labatt Blue
• Michelob Ultra 
• Miller Lite
• Redd’s Apple Ale
• Stella Artois